Dual credit & Internships

Embrace Our Summer Camps


Academic credit is offered to US High School Diploma students attending Summer Camp from July to August. Griggs provides certificates of attendance for all summer camp participants. Our all inclusive price covers activities, accommodation, food, local transfers and admissions. Whichever destination chosen, students will have the opportunity to visit new places and make local friends while being immersed in a new culture.

  • Activities: Archery, Basketball, BMX, Creative Arts, Drama, Fishing, Horsemanship, Gymnastics, Mountain Biking, Mountain Lore, Music, Photography, Rocketry, Sports, Swimming and Waterskiing.


  • Family: Parents of students aged 6 to 10 may join camp and all activities. 


  • Tours: Visits to amusement parks, outlet shopping, museums, galleries and local historal sites offer students cultural exposure.


  • Themes: Students focus on a specific interest in Aviation, Business, Careers, Culture, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Sports,  Space and STEAM.


  • Dual Credit (AP): Students gain high school and university credit, live in a university atmosphere, attend lectures, participate in discovery field trips and engage with professors in an informed manner.


  • Internships: Students learn about the roles and responsibilities of the selected career profession in relationship to practical work. 

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