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Embrace Our History


At the turn of the 20th century, formal educational opportunities were rare. Correspondence education was increasing in popularity within the United States. An educator, by the name of Frederick Griggs, envisioned educating people around the world. His vision took shape in the establishment of The Fireside Correspondence School in 1909. The goal was to provide the benefits of an education to those unable to attend traditional schools. By 1916, students from Griggs were represented in nearly every state in the USA, as well as 10 other countries worldwide.  Since 1916, more than 400,000 people have studied with the network of Griggs. After more than 100 years, Griggs remains dedicated to the worldwide educational mission established by Frederick Griggs. While our name has changed over the years, our commitment to student success and high academic standards has never wavered.


Griggs has now established physical schools with affiliates who offer qualified teaching professionals to achieve local in-school learning.  All Griggs affiliates maintain high scholastic standards and utilize exceptional purpose built educational facilities to offer the Griggs values based curriculum in all phases of operation. Our affiliates emphasize the personal touch in student-teacher relationships in addition to intercultural education.


The GIA curriculum emphasizes: dignity, honor, respect and integrity. Each lesson offered by GIA represents the development of character and morals to lead our students to become seekers of knowledge. School led philanthropic initiatives and regular inspirational programs help students studying with GIA affirm a purpose in the world.


Griggs has a well established international partnerships to facilitate student mobility between all continents. A Griggs student can leave his or her native country to study the same curriculum during the school year with exchanges or during school holidays with summer camps. Griggs learning abroad is focused on recreational and interactive activities whilst ensuring a consistent high quality educational standard.  Thus Griggs International Academy not only offers a US based curriculum, but offers students cultural immersion. Griggs is a true example of globalized learning.

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Benefits of GIA

Since 1909 GIA has been the preferred choice of schools seeking to provide holistic education. More than 8,000 schools worldwide utilize the GIA values based curriculum with its emphasis on dignity, honor, respect and integrity. 


What is special about GIA


Our curriculum is unique in offering an intercultural approach to learning.  Schools worldwide integrate and enhance the US based curriculum with the local requirements of learning, ensuring that students gain knowledge and pride of their own culture.


Multi-lingual Education


The GIA Elementary and Junior High Certificates enables teaching our curriculum in the mother tongue of each student. The GIA Language Bridge provides for successful English language acquisition without compromising learning.

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