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Some of our

schools worldwide


Sorocaba, Brazil

Objetivo is a privately operated Brazilian school with a bilingual program for students who want to improve their English skills and earn a dual diploma. Classes are offered to eligible students to enable them to fulfill the course requirements to get an US high school diploma.


Griggs French Center

Yaounde, Cameroon

Our adult education program is for French speaking students who want to finish a series of tests for entering the University. Test preparations take place regularly each year. Students are tested at the main center in August. Griggs and WAD personnel carefully proctor the exams to approximately 150 adult students. The subjects covered in the exams include: Mathematics, Language, Composition,

Science, and Humanities.

Valley View University

Accra, Ghana

This program aims to provide a remedial course for anyone who diligently wishes to qualify for advanced studies. Each subject area course is taught for six hours per week. The subjects include: Algebra, Bible, Biology, British Literature, Earth Science, and World History. Upon completion of this program, students receive a certificate that allows them to apply to Valley View University.



Yangpyeong-gun, South Korea

The Korean Advanced Preparatory Academy (KAPA) High School curriculum is designed to lead students to the top 50 universities. Our curriculum is designed to focus students on SAT skills and TOEFL preparation. KAPA offers a full US university preparatory diploma program.


Huamei International

Guangzhou, China

Accredited by the Chinese government education departments, Huamei International School now ranks as one of the best private boarding schools in China. We provide standard and tailor-made programs ranging from kindergarten to grade 12. The 3,000 students, aged between 3 to 18 years old, represent all parts of China and several foreign countries.


Kunshan American

Kunshan, China

At Kunshan American School, our goal is not only to prepare students academically; but also physically, mentally and socially for success in school and beyond. We operate our school on the principles of academic excellence, healthy living, and personal involvement. We concentrate on creating opportunities for the students to develop life skills and become global citizens.



Tokyo, Japan

Axis International offers students individual attention by maintaining a student to teacher ratio of 1:10.  Our nurturing environment ensures that students develop steadily.  Each day at Axis is an opportunity for our students to achieve.



Yuchih Nantou County, Taiwan

Taiwan Adventist International School is a preparatory school designed for students who plan to attend American universities. Taiwan Adventist International School endeavors to provide each of our students the opportunity to achieve his/her academic and personal best within an American educational system environment that encourages and inspires leadership, character, and community service.


Thomas Jefferson

Brasilia, Brazil

As the largest Binational Center in Brazil, with around 17,000 students and over 250 teachers, Thomas Jefferson has extensive experience teaching EFL, ESP. This institution is uniquely equipped to provide the U.S. High School diploma to students in Brasília.


Ibeu High School

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Almost 80 years ago, Ibeu began as a non-profit institution. It is the only course in Rio de Janeiro recognized by the American Embassy as an Outstanding Brazilian - American Binational Center and one of the largest binational centers throughout Latin America.



Engenheiro Coelho, Brazil

Over 30 years ago, UNASP-EC began its mark of excellence. The institution is among the most respected in Brazil. It offers a modern and differentiated structure to its students, providing quality education, achieving excellence in international standards.


Santa Madalena Sofia

Maceio, Brazil

Santa Madalena Sofia was founded in February 1966 . It is aimed at teaching subjects through English, developing writing , reading and speaking skills, oriented to the formation of a critical thinker and international citizen, based on dignity, honesty, respect and integrity.



Guangzhou, China

Zhongshan Whampoa International School (ZWIE), is fully committed to providing a nurturing, fully rounded, dual language environment for all students. We seek to be a friendly, smiling community in which the highest standards of academic excellence are embodied in confident, well-adjusted young people. ZWIE has five schools, including a kindergarten, two primary schools, one secondary school and a training school.


Hong Kong Adventist Academy

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Adventist Academy is an co-educational primary and secondary school using the English language as a medium for instruction. Located on the 20 acre campus of Hong Kong Adventist College in Clearwater Bay. Our students learn the professional skills needed in a global community. Our international community fosters students to master social intelligence to work with others. Our school ethos encourages students to have the moral integrity and always make ethical choices.


Instituto Adventista Brasil Central

Brasilia, Brazil

IABC is a boarding school located 87 miles away from Brasilia, Brazil's capital. We specialize in High School and we offer a complete educational program for teenagers. Our main goals are to teach our students  love one another, and to help them, through high academic and ethical  standards to make a difference in the world.



Goiânia, Brazil

CCBEU was founded in 1961 with the mission to promote mutual understanding between Brazil and the United States through quality teaching and cultural information programs, including several partnership projects with the American Embassy in Brasilia. It is a leading institution in the State  with its innovative management in nine branches. CCBEU is well known as a cultural center with strong emphasis on technology in education and ELT methodologies. 


Sistema de Ensino Equipe

Belém, Brazil

The Sistema de Ensino Equipe (SEE) consists of five units and offers a Bilingual Kindergarten, Elementary and High School classes. Griggs High School classes take place at Equipe Cristal, which has more than 500 students and a great faculty. Our branch has sports court, swimming pool, library and modern laboratories. There are specific courses available for our students to prepare them for the National High School Exam (ENEM).Besides that, there is an international entrepreneurship program called “The Masters” that is set in London every year during the spring break and the international program called “Young Leaders” which takes our High School students to visit the Universities of Harvard and Yale every July to spend a few days inside their campuses.


Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School provides Chinese students in grades 9-12 with the very best of a residential, participatory, and inquiry-driven American-style education. Located on an expansive lakeside campus in the western Qingpu district, SHBS enjoys state-of-the-art facilities including specialized science laboratories, art and music studios, and sports grounds.



Colegio Union

Lima, Peru

Colegio Unión in Ñaña, founded on April 30th, 1919, in Lima, Peru, on the slopes of the Concacucho mountain. The school is on the wings of an Adventist Education based on solid principles and values, which are applied daily in student activities. Griggs International Academy has become a dream come true for many students in Peru.


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