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Embrace Our Curriculum


Since 1909, Griggs has  based it curriculum on the values of dignity, honor, respect and integrity. Griggs then  devised a system where teachers offer the  US diploma requirements to our affiliates outside of the United States. The Griggs K-12 program is accredited at the highest level by multiple regional organizations which are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


When a Griggs affiliate offers a Diploma Program, it provides the same level of academic standards which are required by regional accreditation bodies of public and private schools in the USA.


Griggs International Academy has a flexible system of education from Kindergarten (age 3) to High School (age 18).  Griggs students may enroll for an entire grade or for individual subjects.  This enables our education programs to be adaptable to benefit one student or an entire school. The diverse range of schools that currently offer Griggs educational programs shows that there is no requirement to adopt a standardized approach. Indeed, the challenge in implementing a program is to ensure the program fits the unique school context, preserving the school’s identity and characteristics.


Some schools choose to introduce Griggs educational programs as a twin track system, which supplements the local, national or other international programs and qualifications. Other schools offer the Griggs educational programs in its full operation (as opposed to a section within a school) and fully adapt the Griggs philosophy and school practices.

Elementary Certificate

EC engage students in of university entry academic English through Education Interdisciplinary learning.

Ages: 1 to 12  

Elementary Diploma

ED follows the US Common Core Curriculum and local requirements.




Ages 6 to 12       

Junior High Certificate

JHC prepares students for High School through cross cultural learning.

Ages 13 to 14

Junior High Diploma

JHD follows the USA Common Core Curriculum and support local requirements.

Ages 13 to 14 

High School Diploma

HSD sets the path through the Maryland State and Middle States requirements.

Ages 14 to 18

High School Diploma

The Griggs High School Diploma follows the internationally renowned academic credit system of Carnegie Units.  This cumulative system offers diploma students a greater chance of success as compared to terminal exams. The wide variety Griggs has exclusive access to a network of universities which offer dual credit. Students learn the value of service in community projects.  A humanitarian organization exclusive to Griggs provides schools with a number of philanthropic projects which directly benefit communities. A high school diploma or certificate is available from Griggs.

In 2020, U.S. News & World Report ranked Maryland fourth in the nation for "Best High Schools." Some 212 of Maryland's high schools were ranked with the following results: 20 schools, or 9.4%, ranked in the nation's top 5%, 41 schools, 19.3%, ranked in the top 10% nationally, and 84 schools, or 39.6%, ranked in the top 25% of the nation's schools. The rankings are based on six factors: College Readiness, College Curriculum Breadth, Math and Reading Proficiency, Math and Reading Performance, Underserved Student Performance, and Graduation Rate.

Regional Offices


GIA has four offices worldwide.  The GIA headquarters is located in Michigan, USA. This office offer support on policies, procedures, affiliation, training and compliance. 

Assessments – All summative assessments are moderated by the GIA headquarters.



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